The Caribbean Shore offers rural fishing to the people of the village of Petite-Rivière-de-Nippes. This underprivileged village is about 120 kilometers from the capital city of Port-au-PrinceAgriculture is the main industry even though some farmers do some fishing on smaller scales such as for personal use or to supplement their farming. They grow bananas, citrus fruits, rice, sugar cane, and cotton. Food crops Products such as bananas, yams, mazoubel (endangered because of earthworms), cassava, maize, millet and many others are grown there. Mining is also a secondary industry due to the availability of bauxite. Bauxite is clay like rock used in the creation of aluminum.


Major but insufficient fishing

Although clearly insufficient for the population in relation to the richness of the sea, fishing remains an important and profitable activity for those who practice it. Apart from fish of all kinds, there are many lobsters and conch. These seafood are rare when the north wind blows. “It’s a misery for fishermen when the wind blows even for a day. They live from day to day, “said a fisherman, explaining that they do not have equipment to go to the bottom of the sea.” We would have to have motor boats, but we only have sailboats, “said another fisherman. There is a decline in the production of crayfish, oysters, turtles and carette.

“We would have more if we cut less mangroves (plant that grows in sea salt),” commented the speaker. Sedentary people want development; developing a community is not always easy. This requires huge sacrifices and a shared vision of each other, suggested a Japanese sedentary. However, they continue, there are efforts that are made daily for a real change in the municipality. In order to achieve the desired transformation, conditions must be met in terms of road infrastructure, hydraulic installations and electricity … and solving the problems of education, health and nutrition . These conditions are inherent to any population that aspires to the transformation of its municipality.

In terms of economic and financial infrastructure, there are only four credit unions in the municipality. For commercial establishments, there were four large stores, four food supply centers, a softwood lumber depot and two agricultural product depots. As far as other establishments, two pharmacies and two photo studios were listed in the municipality.