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Our Mission

Thank you and welcome to Touch Haiti. Our mission is to provide aid and support to the community of Petite Riviere de Nippes, a small province in Southern Haiti. Over the years, I’ve been doing my own personal activities to help some families and individuals in Petite Riviere. I’ve put a few young men and women in training classes of their own interest so that they may be able to get jobs in surrounding areas when they become available. I provide funding to students, help some families and individuals pay rent, send their kids to school, and much more. But I can’t do it alone. I feel like I’ve failed the same people I am trying to help as I let my own personal issues get in the way and allowed Touch Haiti to become inactive for a number of years, even though ‘ve been providing and still provide assistance to a number of people out of my own pocket. But there is so much more that needs to be done now more than ever, especially at a time when the people are struggling due to political, social, and economical issues. We need to get back on track and put more effort into helping these folks. I hear their cries, see their pictures and videos every day. I have had a few meetings with my team here and in Haiti, and we are ready.

Our first priority is to raise funds to help more families financially. We also will work with officials in the province to provide some sort of education to the men and women of the town to figure out how we can help them help themselves. We would also like to continue our program of sending a number of kids to school fully funded and fully equipped. Another one of our programs is to help some families to rebuild their homes that have been partially or completely destroyed by natural disasters over the years. One of the biggest projects we have in mind is to build a Community Center where members of the community can come together when nature strikes as well as a place where they can hold events and other activities. Right now, they have nothing of the sort, and I think it is well-needed. Another big project that we would love to attack if we are able to raise enough funds is to get electricity flowing in this little province again. The town used to have power but lost it at some point a long time ago, and it seems nobody cares. I’ve been going to Haiti since 2010, and they still don’t have electricity in this part of the country. Hopefully one day we can help restore it. But we can’t do it alone. Please join us in supporting this community. We can’t do it without you. For now, financial contributions are most important for our current goal, but we’d love to hear from you if you would like to share any ideas or sponsor any of our programs. We also would love any voluntary assistance in supporting our cause. The more hands the merrier! Together we can touch many lives.

Thank you and God bless,

Final Touch
Founder and President

Our Projects

We are implementing some much-needed projects that will benefit the entire community.

Family Financial Assistance Program - URGENT

The people of Haiti are currently going through a crisis stemmed by political turmoil, a widespread increase in gang violence, and a steep increase in cost of living, to name a few. The reality of the struggles is made worse as most of the population is unemployed. People who usually grow crops to help support themselves and their families have even found themselves in a predicament where they are not able to do the one thing that they know how.

We have decided to put a Family Financial Assistance Program in place and marked it as Priority Number One. While we can discuss sending food and supplies and everything else in between, only the people know what they really want. Of course they need everything else too, but at this time, it only makes sense that we give them a way to get back on their feet; give them a chance to take care of some of the things they feel matters most to them. Through this program we will put funds directly into the hands of as many families as possible. Our team in Haiti is putting together a group to join them. They will go around, and talk to the people directly and will analyze how much makes sense for certain families to be able to get back on their feet. We will then work with local authorities to figure out the best way to distribute funds to these families. It may be in cash or a Cash App type of transfer to their cell phones.

Young Scholars Program

A few years ago, we teamed up with another organization to put together a program called Honors and Merits Program, where we were able to provide 200 students with a backpack and school supplies. We were also able to supply some with a year of full tuition. We would like to bring this program back. This time we would like to supply at least 500 students with school supplies and at least 100 with fully paid tuition for one year. This would take a load off a lot of families.

Project New Home

There are many people in parts of Haiti who are homeless. In Petite Rivière de Nippes, that is still the case for many people. Some of these people are homeless either because they lost their home completely after a natural disaster, or they lost their family at some point and were left to fend for themselves. Some manage to find shelter at a friend’s house where they sleep on a mat, and some end up completely on the streets and take whatever bits of food they find.

Project New Home, we will be able to build some housing projects that would allow us to offer those who lost their homes a new home. This project will be available to people who are homeless and to those who lost their home and would like an opportunity to get into a new home. These housing projects will be built like small apartment buildings to facilitate multiple families at once.

Home Restoration Program

Since the earthquake in 2010, many people’s homes were destroyed. As other acts of nature have passed through Haiti, more families lost their homes or were left with roofless homes. These people have never been able to really fix their homes or rebuild for that matter. There are areas in Petite Riviere de Nipped where people are living in huts with roofs made with leaves and any other material they can find. When it rains, it’s as if they were living outside because there is no real protection. Through Project Home Restore, we intend to help families restore or rebuild their homes. For homes that simply need a new roof or other material to help secure them, we would simply help these families restore. For homes that are more than 50% destroyed, we would help these families rebuild. This will decrease the chances of people getting sick and catching diseases due to bad weather, insects, etc.

Community Center Project

Petite Riviere de Nippes is in need of a central place where people in the community can meet, can hold activities, and consider a safe haven in times of need. This is one of our biggest projects. We would like to create a community center to offer the people of Petite Riviere a place that is open to the public. This center will have a number of activities for the kids in the area. It will have sections available for small and big events. It will serve as a common place for people in the community to meet in case of a natural disaster. It will also serve as a home to Touch Haiti.

The Community Center of Petite Riviere de Nippes will have to be built on higher grounds or built with a high foundation to withstand any case of flooding in the area, which is not uncommon. It will have to be big enough to hold a large number of people at once in case of disaster as well as to be able to contain different sections for a number of activities at once.

Project Electrify Petite Riviere

A long time ago, most parts of Haiti had electricity. At some point most parts of Haiti have lost that power and have never been able to gain it back. Petite Riviere de Nippes is one of those places. The electric poles and wires are still there…but no power. We would like to help them regain that power. We take the fact that we have electricity for granted in our world, but we never really think about its importance until we have a power outage. With that power outage it means no light, no TV, no Wi-Fi. Imagine being without electricity for one day as an individual or even as a business. For some of us it feels like life itself is coming to an end. Now imagine that there is a place where there is a power outage lasting a week, a month, a number of years!

That is the story for a number of places in Haiti. Some parts of the country at least have power for a few hours per day, even though some days get missed. But there are parts of the country that do not have that luxury. We already know that the federal government does not care and do not have a project for some of the biggest cities, needless to say what they have planned for the smaller provinces that are further out. People in these areas are inside their homes from 6pm till the next morning using candles and gas lamps to light up a room in their home until it eventually runs out. Our goal is to work with local authorities of Petite Riviere de Nippes to figure out what the problem is, what needs to be done, and how to secure it once it is completed.